Open Studio at Corgi Clay Art Center

Are you currently enrolled in a weekly ceramics class and feel you need more time to practice? Consider joining us at Open Studio where you can brush up on those skills, use our facilities and equipment and be around like-minded clay enthusiasts!

Adult students currently enrolled in any multi-week ceramic class are exempt from paying the firing, and glaze fees associated with Open Studio, however must pay the hourly rate to use the art center facilities and equipment.

Not currently enrolled but wish to partake in Open Studio? CCAC does have a Monthly rental option for those who are well-versed in all things clay, no longer seek instruction and wish to just have a great facility to continue developing your craft. Visit the FAQ to learn more!


Read the Open Studio guidelines below to learn more!


  1. Student must have prior experience throwing on the wheel or hand-building in clay and a working knowledge of our studio rules, use of tools and more- this is not a class and no instruction will be given.
  2. Student must pre-pay and pre-select times for an open studio slot prior to entering the studio, in one- hour It is then the student’s responsibility to show up to the open studio time they request.
  3. Select the number of Open Studio hours you would like to purchase on our website, then follow the link to sign-up genius to pick your time slots from the available calendar.
  4. Any personal clay used must be approved and must fire to cone If you do not have clay to use, you can purchase a bag of clay (25 lbs- price will vary) or recycled clay in increments of 5 lbs. for $4.00 each. Glaze must be cone 6 if student is using personal or commercial glazes and student must have prior approval before using any commercial glaze.
  5. Students can bring and use their own tools or experiment, but are also permitted to the center’s communal tools, bats, colored slips, and paint brushes and must clean any used space or tool thoroughly upon completion of their time. Failure to clean-up properly will result in access to Open Studio being revoked. PLEASE REMEMBER TO ADD IN YOUR CLEAN-UP TIME TO YOUR PAID TIME IN OPEN STUDIO. We suggest you take the last 15 minutes to clean your area and tools.
  1. Each work produced requires multiple firings which means wear on our kilns, so you will be charged a fee per item for bisque firing. If you want them glaze-fired as well, you will pay the same fees again. (Note: Firing Fees only apply to those NOT currently enrolled in multi-week classes)
  2. Open studio capacity is 15 people overall; this is any combination of 12 wheels, 10 table spots, and room for Signing up for Open Studio does not reserve you a potters wheel, but simply allows you the time to use the facilities.
  3. BE ON TIME and remember to leave yourself 15-20 minutes at the end of your reserved time for clean
  4. You may schedule your Open Studio hours anytime after your There are no refunds on Open Studio. If you wish to swap or cancel an Open studio time, you can do so anytime prior to the day you have signed up for.
  1. Firings will be subject to the studio schedule and cannot be guaranteed for any specific Priority will be given to students enrolled in multi-week classes.
  2. Any wares left un-claimed for more than 2 weeks after it’s firing will be discarded. We do not have the space to store your wares for a long period of time on our shelves, so please plan your open studio times to complete work as it is fired. When work is completed, please remove from my studio as quickly as you can to allow room for new work.
  3. If staff or instructors are in the area practicing or working, feel free to ask simple questions but please be respectful of their Open Studio is meant to be practice time for students, not facilitated learning.
  4. Firing fee’s for bisque and glaze firings are Price is per item:

  • $1.50 – Small: All dimensions smaller than 4”
  • $2.50 – Medium: Any item with a dimension larger than 4” and less than 8”
  • $4.50 – Large: Items with dimensions larger than 8” and less than 11”
  • $6.50 – XL: Items with dimensions over 11”


Clean up procedures include all of the following:

  1. Clean and wipe dry any small tools, bats (please clean the backs as well!), and return to designated area.
  2. Pick up any clay trimmings/debris – NO SWEEPING ALLOWED
  3. Mop area under table, stool or potter’s wheel
  4. Wipe and dry any potter’s wheel body, splash bins, knobs, legs, table top,