Firing Services at Corgi Clay Arts Center

Use Our Kiln to Finish Your At-Home Projects


1. Read all directions and disclaimers on this page or download a copy here.

2. Drop off ceramics, submit the form with information about your work, and pay the firing fee.

3. Pick up fired artwork when you receive an email from our associate that your work is ready for pick up.

prices increasing 2024

Bisque C/06 & Glaze C/6

Participants are charged a fee per item for bisque firing. If you want them glaze-fired as well, you will pay the same fees again and submit a second form before you drop them off.

$1 – Small: All dimensions smaller than 4”
$2 – Medium: Any item with a dimension larger than 4” and less than 8”
$4 – Large: Items with dimensions larger than 8” and less than 11”
$6 – XL: Items with dimensions over 11” – Maximum size is 15” in any direction

You will be asked to include the name/cone of your clay, as well as the size and number of pieces you are dropping off. Thanks for helping us track your artwork carefully with the requested information.

• We do not offer priority firings. All work will be worked into our normal firings, based on space availability.

• We do not offer kiln rentals or discounts on large amounts of work dropped off. Firing service fees help pay for electricity & maintaining our kilns.

Bisque Firing: Cone C/06

All artwork MUST have a consistent identifiable mark/ signature (this includes small items like jewelry or test tiles)

• Indicate in the form: the name of the clay you are using, the temperature, and the name of the manufacturer. Example: Whitestone Clay, Cone 6, from Clay Art Center.

• If you drop off wet work, we will let it dry before firing it. Please limit the thickness of your artwork to under 1/2” thick.

• We do not put greenware with low fire glazes in bisque kilns

Glaze Firing Services: Mid-Range C/6 Only

• We do not fire glazed work on stilts.

• We do not once fire from greenware to cone 6. Work must be bisque fired to go into the glaze kiln.

• Glazes must be Cone 6

• Glaze must be applied with a ¼” space of un-glazed clay at the bottom foot of the pot. This includes the underside/ center of a trimmed foot. (Apply this info to lids for success as well)

• Your piece(s) will not be loaded in the kiln if the glaze is on the foot, or you have not left the appropriate ¼” space unglazed around the bottom of the pot.



• All Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you drop off work and it is not fired because you do not meet the requested guidelines, we will still keep your fees. You will have to repay them once the guidelines are met.

• NO WET WORK. When dropping off your work to be fired, the greenware should be bone dry, or very close to it. We can not store your work and allow it to slowly dry in our studio. Any glazed pieces should have been glazed 24 hours in advance of drop off to allow the glaze and water to be thoroughly absorbed into the clay-body before firing.

• Fire your artwork with CCAC at your own risk. We cannot take responsibility for clay bodies that have flaws, including bloating, pin holing, or cracking. We rigorously maintain the kilns and watch the guard cones as the kilns reach peak temperatures. Should your work not turn out to your liking, please try again!

• We do our best to maintain equipment. At times there are unforeseeable difficulties and failures on the part of the equipment that could affect your artwork. By participating in the firing service, you acknowledge that this is part of the risk and the fun of ceramics. There is always a chance that the kiln gods will not smile on us and the artwork may be ruined.


The firing service offered at CCAC is only available if you abide by our requests. The following reasons will make it impossible for us to continue to fire your artwork.

• You do not fill out the Firing Service Form Completely upon drop off of work

• You do not pay your firing fees/ clay fees as requested

• You do not have a consistent stamp on the bottom of your works

• Your glaze runs off the pot and ruins a kiln shelf ( If you are worried, place a thin clay slab of your making beneath the art project.)

• If you use low fire clay and it melts and ruins the kiln furniture or kiln.

• If you drop off work that is thicker than 1/2” thick. Know that we candle for only six hours, so if your work is overly thick it is at risk. Our target is ¼ ”  thick.

• If you drop off artwork that is larger than 15” in any direction.

• If the foot has glaze on it or the underside/ inside the foot ring does appropriate ¼” of unglazed space at bottom of the pot. This includes the underside/ center of a trimmed foot.

How to Pick up and Drop off

DROP OFF: Please drop off your items to be fired anytime during our open gallery hours.

• Artwork MUST have a consistent mark/ signature to be fired, including small items like jewelry or test tiles

• Please do not leave your boxes here. Please bring your own carrying containers for picking up artwork.

• Please leave your artwork grouped together. We will group your work for easy pickup.

• PICK UP times will vary. We will contact you by email when your work is ready to be picked up. You will have 2 weeks  from date of email notifying you that your wares ready to pick up your work. Failure to pick up your work with those 2 weeks will result in your work being discarded.


To download a physical copy of this information and form, click the button below.