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Artist Residency Program & Call For Artwork

Open Call For Artwork

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OPEN CALL for Artwork

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Go Figure! - Artwork Reflecting the human form as well as the depth and diversity of human expression
On View until July 28th.

The human figure is often used by artists to tell a story or to make a point. Throughout the ages, painters, sculptors and photographers have endlessly been inspired by the human body. Artists look to the human form as an expression of beauty & sexuality along with symbolism that depicts the body with realism. The human figure in art carries, in different ways and through different periods, a huge significance, being the most direct means by which art can address the human condition. This exhibition invited artists to consider the human form and ways of using expression to amplify the human condition.

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Artist Residency Program

The Corgi Clay Art Center Residency Program offers emerging, mid-career or established visual artists the time and individual space to develop and pursue their professional artistic careers through an immersive experience in a cooperative educational environment. The program provides the artist an opportunity and ability to function independently and to refine and exhibit their work, expand on their educational experiences, and contribute to the growth and promotion of the arts in our community. Residents gain invaluable experience working in a community environment, teaching classes, sharing their technical knowledge and expertise, and handling various shared jobs around the community studio.


  • One year program commencing upon entry into the program, with option to continue for up to three years.
  • Private 8.5′ x 8′ studio space to work and exhibit artwork. Space is available to the artist 24/7. All utilities are included at no additional charge.
  • For Ceramics Artists: Use of all studio tools and glaze (must purchase your own clay and provide your own potter’s wheel for your studio) and reduced firing fees.
  • Opportunity to earn income for teaching classes and workshops
  • Regular space in the main gallery to exhibit small works and sell artwork
  • Solo exhibition in the main gallery once a year
  • Insurance coverage on all artwork on display.
  • Access to professional development opportunities


  • One year commitment with the opportunity to apply for a second and third year
  • Residents must assist with studio/gallery maintenance and upkeep and actively contribute towards the growth and daily operational activities within the center.
  • Assisting in the retail operation of the gallery
  • Minimum of 15 hours of weekly presence in the studio, during business hours.


  • Artists may choose between: Two studios, with 3 full walls and one quarter wall for $300 per month, due on the 1st of the month, with a one-year commitment. There will be a 3% increase each year.
  • Or one Premium Studio facing public parking with floor to ceiling window, 2 full walls and one quarter wall for $350 per month, due on the 1st of the month, with a one-year commitment. There will be a 3% increase each year.
  • For Ceramic Artists: Reduced firing fee’s. No fee’s for use of studio equipment. You must provide your own consumable material (clay and glaze outside the standard studio glazes) and have option to purchase clay from the center at a reduced cost. If you wish to work inside your studio on a potter’s wheel or table, you must provide that equipment. Classroom wheels and table space defaults to class and member needs first.
  • For any other visual artist: any personal perishable materials, and or equipment (I.e., easels, paint brushes, cameras, etc.) you must provide.
  • All artwork sold in CCAC is subject to a 30% commission.
  • A separate license agreement must be signed upon acceptance as a resident artist.

Application Requirements

  • Must be 21 or older to apply.
  • All applicants must be U.S. citizens or U.S. Permanent Residents
  • BFA or MFA recommended, but not required

Application Outline

  1. Statement of Interest: Address what you hope to achieve in your residency at Corgi Clay Art Center. Please include your goals related to artmaking, teaching, and community engagement.
  2. Artist Statement (your synopsis about your artwork)
  3. Resume (as related to your art experience)
  4. 10 digital images of finished work completed during the last 3 years (images must 300dpi max).
    Image list: label each image with the first letter of first name, last name and image number (example jsmith1.jpeg) Correlating Image List with Title, material, date, dimensions
  5. List two professional references: provide name and contact info, and note your relationship with each.


  1. Once all application materials are received, the review process will begin. Please send all materials digitally to and place ‘Artist Residency Application’ in the subject line of the email.
  2. Phase One allows time to review work for quality and merit. The artist will be given feedback solely on their artwork and may be presented with questions to answer before being accepted into phase two.
  3. Phase Two will consider artists’ ability to successfully interact with the general public and positively contribute to the overall Art Center community. We will look for artists who can explain their art and who want to engage and interact with the public through their work. We will review applicants’ career highlights and how they have marketed themselves or their work.
    • At the end of this phase, the artist will be given the opportunity to bring their work in-person to review it for quality. We will consider the applicants’ ability to communicate about their artwork, with an eye toward their desire to positively engage with the public.
  4. Upon completion of review process, if artist is accepted into the residency program, the artist will be given a license to review and sign, and be asked to deposit first month’s rent with signed license agreement.
  5. After CCAC has received all necessary paperwork and deposit, the artist may begin moving in to their new studio space and will be given access to the building 24/7 to begin work.

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