Yes! Each 6-week sessional class participant is welcome to come practice during Open Studio. Practice makes better! At the same time, we are not a production facility. Please come to learn and try new things rather than focusing on making things for sale. Open studio time is available during open studio hours only (please check the schedule prior to coming). Potters may be able to use parts of the studio while a class is in session. Check with an employee or teacher with any questions. Open Studio is $10/hr, no half-hour options. Remember to consider the time it will take you to set up and clean up as well!

CCAC does offer a Firing Service to the public who are not participating in a class. We will fire your artwork based on the space it occupies in the kiln and the number of pieces. Find more info here.

Not exactly. In order to use “Open Studio”, you  must have taken a 6-week class at our location. Why? Because every studio has it’s own set of studio rules and safety precautions and since Open Studio is not a guided instruction hour, we need to make sure YOU know our specific rules and are operating in our space safely and independently.  BUT! CCAC does have a Monthly rental option for those of you who are well-versed in all things clay, no longer seek instruction and wish to just have a great facility to continue developing your craft. For $100 a month, due on the 1st of the month, you can use our equipment and glazes, store your materials and projects in a small cubby and pay a small fee to have your work fired. You must follow all the guidelines of the Open Studio and limit your visits to occur during Open Studio only, and you will need to pay an hourly rate to enjoy our facilities ($10/hr). Before you can take advantage of this option, you must Submit an application, Get approval from CCAC staff, Get a studio tour and any additional training on equipment, Sign our studio access agreement and agree to our studio policies. When you wish to stop access, you must cancel by the 25th of the month for cancellation to kick in the following month.

The beginner tool kit generally includes a sponge, wire tool, pin tool, wood knife, wooden rib, aluminum rib, and large and small trimming tools. Most ceramic supply stores sell this beginner tool kit or something similar. CCAC has these in stock to sell to you! We recommend participants in classes have these tools. Beyond that point, students have enough experience to know what they like to use and usually develop a collection of “favorites.” Often additional tools can also be collected from thrift stores, antique shops, and more.

Yes! CCAC has a Monthly Ceramic Membership program, described above. For those amazing contributors that donated to the CCAC Kickstarter in 2020, there was also a membership option, that will be phased out one year after our opening in 2023, to allow those members to partake in the benefits for a full year. If you were one of those contributors and have questions, please contact us at info@corgiclayartcenter.com.

Yes! In fact, we request you use our clay bodies if you wish to use our firing services, or get written, prior, approval from our owner. We are a Cone 6 studio so we don’t allow low-fire (below Cone 1) or high-fire (Cone 10) clay bodies to mix with our recycle. If you have more questions about clay bodies, feel free to ask us!

CCAC fires a cone 06 bisque and a cone 6 glaze fire. The only exception is for those students in the Figurative sculpture Class -who use low-fire clay. And before you ask – We do not put greenware with low fire glazes in bisque kilns and we do not fire glazed work on stilts. So, make sure those bottoms are waxed!

Yes! CCAC has a Resident Artist Program with space for up to three working, studio artists. These artists should be interested in practicing and refining their craft in a public-facing environment. The Resident Artist Program is open to artists in all stages of their careers. CCAC will prioritize artists who have a demonstrated creative practice and are either emerging in their field or exploring new ideas or media. As a working residency, artists are expected to give back to the studio and contribute to the programs we offer. Artists must apply for residency and be able to commit to a year, with option to renew for up to five years. Resident artists must agree to lease terms and duties before being accepted into the program. To learn more, email Deb at debrabalestreri@gmail.com

Absolutely! The Send a Vet to Class program was created in lieu of our owner Deb’s fathers passing. Major David George Yarrington Sr. (USMC retired) passed in September 2021 due to Cancer. A very decorated Veteran, David instilled a real sense of Military pride in his daughter Debra and in honor of her father we have created the “Send a Vet to Class” program, which allows anyone to donate as little as $5+ to a private fund that will be used to pay for a Military member’s full class tuition upon registration. This fund will apply to any Active Duty, Retired, Veteran or Reserves Military member and applies to all the Armed Forces. Consider it a “pay-it-forward” scenario knowing all that our military does for our country! You can contribute to this fund anytime you like and your contributions remain anonymous. Military members need simply to “opt-in” for this benefit upon registration.

To learn more about our class policies, click here.